About Eze Fashion

My name is Obinna Okafor, Founder of Eze Fashion, a Black Owned West African Men and Women’s Fashion Accessories business that specializes in sharing unique Hand Made African Inspired pieces to the world. We specialize in selling 18K Gold Africa Necklaces, 18K Gold Africa Bracelets, Hand Made Waist Beads, Ankara Bandanas and more!
Through amazing parents, I was always in tuned with my culture but very rarely did I travel to my country of Nigeria. So in 2016, I left my job and anxiously partnered on a project in Nigeria, Africa with my uncle work on starting up a manufacturing company for 4 months. Working in Nigeria for that period of time, allowed my inquisitive personality to experience/ learn my culture in a ways I never thought I could. It was then I truly appreciated the beauty Africa has to offer. The vibrant martial, people, culture, accessories and fashionable pieces confirmed my decision to start Eze Fashion and bring unique African styles all over the world while expressing West African culture and making outfits truly POP! Through Eze Fashion and my non- profit New Jersey Professional Network (NJPN), 10% of our proceeds go toward assisting rural Nigerian students and families in need.

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